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Importance of Magento 2 Platform

magento two
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Dust is yet to be settled after the arrival of Magento 2. Businesses are still analysing it and people are mentioning it in different ecommerce related scenarios. In fact, it has the potential to change the fate of many businesses. You too may be in a dilemma whether to go with it or stay comfortable with your present Magento version.

Start with a self-analysis

Have an idea regarding your current business size and status. Analyse the efficiency of your store and the way it performs. Magento Stores will definitely keep on elevating its provisions through upgraded versions with higher charges that only medium or large businesses can afford. So, it means you have to understand the viability regarding the same.

Acquire a crystal clear understanding of your business needs and expected growth rate. In case if your store is a small one and requirements are basic, current version would be enough to serve all your purposes. Else in case if the older version is failing to keep your business smooth, Magento 2 can definitely be handy. It may surely invite some expenses but it’s worthy.

However, in general it is always recommended to keep on upgrading yourself with new arrivals because of more than a few genuine reasons.

Now let us a as sudden glance on the benefits of Magento 2 platform

It reaches you with a new default theme as well as advanced admin Graphic User Interface

There is a new default theme that is brought by the new Magento 2 version- Luma. This is an attractive Magento theme with many significant changes. It assures better performance, completely responsive images, typography and tiles structure. Even a non-technical user can make the best use of offerings.

More flexibility is availed

Magento 2 brings with it great functionality. Having an optimal blend of high code coupling, there is a huge scope to developawe-inspiring features. Some of them includes CRM, CMS, checkout and sales etc. Another positive in this regard is that any component can be enabled or disabled while keeping code-base completely tidy.

Higher quality code and better testing is provided

Value-added Testing Framework is a unique particularity of this platform. Thus testing the functionality created is easier than ever before. This has multiple advantages.

Newly supported payment gateway integrations

Magento 2 allows integrations with many popular payment gateways which were not supported previously. They are PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree and the enterprise editions of WorldPay and CyberSource. Easier and multiple payment options assures more conversions and thus growth of your business.

Improved Magento product import/export features

With Magento 2, an out of box system for export/import is offered. You need not have to install any of the third party extensions to enjoy great features like product custom options as well as images from URLs in remote. You can also import/export extended configurable products, group and tierprices, cross-sell, upsell products and other related products. There are a lot more details regarding the elevated import/export, data entry csv format features of Magento 2 and the same will be elaborated in upcoming blog posts.

You can enjoy better-quality performance and scalability

The version two of Magento arrives with default full-page cache. Processes will not be blocked by refactored indexers as they will be running in background. An updated ecommerce store can be created with no or minimum data conflicts. Also it is faster and loading time is minimized.

In short, you can make the most of your store from Magento 2 version. On the other hand, customers too get a richer shopping experience.

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