Top Benefits of Using Magento 2 Platform

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Magento 2 is the universally recognized best eCommerce platform since 2015. User-friendliness, stability, and high performance are the characteristics of this platform.

When you started discussing launching your online store with some eCommerce experts, they might have mentioned about Magento 2 platform & its features.

What is Magento 2?

Magento 2, released in 2015, is a popular open-source eCommerce platform. It's fast, scalable, and reliable. Now, the Majority of the eCommerce stores on the internet use this open-source platform for building their online store.

Starting an online store is a challenging task. And the most challenging segment of this task is the selection of an eCommerce platform. If you are planning to build your online store, then Magento 2 will be the perfect platform.

There are different Magento development companies across the world. The massive recognition of this open-source eCommerce platform paved the way for various companies to Hire Magento Developers. Hiring Magento developers will benefit you in different ways. They can develop amazing UI/UX, can build custom themes & extensions for your eCommerce store, etc.

Why this software and platform become so much popular among the world's leading brands? There will be definitely some reasons.

What will be the reasons?

Let's have a close look at it.

Benefits of Magento 2

  • High Performance & Scalability

    Magento 2 offers high performance using an advanced indexer. This indexer transforms seller data like catalog, price, users, etc. It creates an index table and always keeps them updated on a regular basis to boost the query performance.

    This open-source eCommerce platform can manage 10 million page views within one hour. Fast web page loading is another benefit of this platform. Magento 2 integrated with Varnish cache through full-page caching reduces the server load and speed up the page load. It also handles peak loads and thus increases database scalability and flexibility.

    Magento 2 provides multiple admin user feature. Through that, product creation and editing can be done without data conflict. Also, it helps to manage the orders using a single admin panel.

    With Magento 2, you can build a fast-loading website that can impress customers and to increase profits.

  • Multichannel Integration

    Multichannel Integration is a valuable feature in Magento 2. You always wish your products and services to reach a broader community using eBay, Shopify, Amazon, etc. This platform provides multichannel integration to help eSellers like you in managing an online store on multiple channels.

    Do you have Multiple Online Stores?

    Do you have difficulty handling them?

  • Multi-Store Management

    Multi-Store Management feature in Magento 2 helps you to run multiple stores through a single Magento website. With this, you can handle your Online stores using a single admin panel.

  • Mobile-Friendly Design

    It comes with a mobile-friendly interface. Nowadays, it is essential for an eCommerce website to be mobile optimized. Because most of the customers are using various mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc., for online purchases.

    Using Magento 2, you can create mobile-friendly apps & websites that are supported by various mobile devices irrespective of their screen resolution. Thus, this particular platform, it's user-friendly approach, and easy-to-navigate option helps you to get more conversions and to drive sales.

    Also, the easy-to-manage, touch-friendly admin panel helps store owners to manage the store from mobile devices using store admin extensions.

  • High Security

    This open-source platform ensures high-level security for your website. Essentially, it offers secure online transactions to build customer trust.

    It uses two-factor authentication for the protection of your online store. Magento 2 provides tools and documentation to ensure your online store is protected.

    This specific platform makes continuous efforts to understand and fix the security patches to ensure high security to eSellers and customers.

  • Advanced Search

    The key part of customer engagement in an online store is product search. With Magento 2, Customers will be able to filter products quickly using various search filters. Using the Advanced search extension in Magento 2 allows searching for multiple attributes like color, material, etc., of products to get desired results.

    Magento 2 specifies auto-complete parameters so that the customer gets the product result by typing minimal number of characters. It shows recently viewed and most popular search data.

    It also enables browsing history, which helps customers to revisit the search pages. Product review and rating features allow customers to make a purchase decision quickly.

  • Convenient Check-out

    Do you have customers who abandoned carts?

    There will be various reasons for that; it may be a slow-loading check-out page or insufficient payment options or shipping options for customers.

    Magento 2 have two-step simple check-out process, which is the shipping and review process & payment process. Now, varied payment gateway feature is available in Magento. And all this simplifies the check-out process for customers with reduced check-out time and then enhances the customer experience.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Once you have launched your store, Don't you like to see a detailed report on your store performance?

    Using the Advanced reporting feature in Magento 2, You will be able to see the updated and detailed report of orders, shipping, customers, etc., every month, which will give you the insight to think more about the modifications required for better performance.

  • Advanced SEO

    A properly optimized eCommerce store have great capacity to drive traffic to it. Magento 2 introduced an SEO suite to improve the potential of eCommerce platforms.

    Rich snippet features and metadata templates in the SEO suite help for better search engine ranking. This specific platform also helps to craft search engine-friendly URL structures.

  • Marketing Tools

    With all these features helps to manage your store, Magento 2 also helps in your product marketing & promotions. Through SMS, Email, and other social promotional channels, you can create automated campaigns for your store to reach a wider community.

    With Email marketing automation, you can send emails to customers based on their recent activity with your store. Magento 2 also provides options to send coupons via email, SMS, etc.

    Additionally, It provides features like Customer segmentation, Wish list creation, Product category page optimization, etc. All this helps to get better visibility to your store and influence customers to buy products.

  • Ease of Product Listings

    Are you looking for a simple product listing interface for your store?

    This is available in Magento 2. Here anyone can list products without product listing expertise. Magento 2 have an easy to manage product listing interface so that admin can get a better product control of their store.

    Anyone can easily create simple, configurable, bundled, grouped & virtual products using Magento 2.

    It defines infinite product attributes, can create pre-defined product templates, can automatically assign products to distinct categories based on their attributes, Automatic resizing and watermarking, Easy inventory management, etc. Thus, the admin can have an easy Catalog Management through this open-source platform.

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  • Instant Purchase

    Instant purchase feature in Magento 2 helps customers to have a faster check-out experience. When customers visit your website and select their desired product, by clicking Instant Purchase button on the product page, they are directed to a confirmation page to place their order.

    It uses the previously stored payment details of the customer and skips the regular check-out process. Thus, customer can save their time on online purchases and can instantly place an order.

Finishing Up

Magento 2 is the choice of many eCommerce stores you see on the internet, irrespective of their size. Customers love user-friendly, fast & reliable stores to purchase products. This open-source platform offers the best features to improve your business and profitability.

Don't Confuse! Start your eCommerce store with Magento 2 and get all benefits from it.


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