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It is a proven fact that E-commerce business is going to take over the conventional shopping procedures and dominate the future of retail Industry. With the increase in the number of internet users all over the world, the trend of online shopping is only going to augment in the coming years. When you commence an E-commerce venture, it is assured to pick up and garner profit. But certain pitfalls could affect the performance of even the most popular E-commerce site. Many starters in the field share their worries regarding no sales since one year. Also though the market is in high demand, it is not always sure that a store gets visitors the moment it launches.

Are you going to build your own ecommerce website? Are you struggling to make a profit and managing online store? If you are already spending a lot of time, thinking how can I ensure that my E-commerce website possesses all the capabilities to yield the maximum profit for business? We have the right solutions for you!

Read on to know the deadly mistakes you could make, the critical processes you could overlook that can hamper the performance of your E-commerce business.

Choosing the right platform or shopping cart

choosing the right platform for shopping cart

The performance of your online store boils down to the viability of the platform on which you host the site. There are hundreds of platforms available to choose from, and this is the step you could go wrong. Choose a platform that would complement your business.

The platform which has proven excellent for some other business might not suit your requirements. The challenge is not finding the most significant online store platform but choosing the platform that suits your business and your goals greatly. Choose the shopping cart according to your budget and business type. Make a wise decision according to the products you handle, the areas of your services, stock size, payment method and much more. Regarding shopping carts, generally, SaaS platforms (Examples – Shopify, Bigcommerce, Pinnacle, etc.) are always affordable than Open Source (Magento, Open Cart, Presta Shop, etc.), but the scope for including features is high with Open Source, making it worth for the pay.

The Speed of an online store

The speed of your website is essential since a slow loading e-commerce site can be unfavorable for any business. With a slow loading website, the chances are high for visitors to leave your store, even before checking out the products. Majority of the online web users expect quick browsing with a webpage loading in seconds. They are generally very intolerant to a delay when it comes to speed.

A website which is not responsive

responsive ecommerce website

According to studies, people are likely to abandon an E-commerce site when they encounter glitches. When a person is shopping online, he/she has to go other hundreds and thousands of choices; checking the product, its price, and specifications.

People will only buy a product after rigorous scrutiny and comparison. It will take a lot of time and effort to zero-in on a product, and even the slightest glitch or a temporary delay will drive the customer of the site. The only solution to this is to have a smooth-running, efficient website.

Secure website

The security of the website is paramount. The customers should convince that your E-commerce site is safe as they indulge sensitive information such as bank details. Your website should seem guarded, especially when you are a newbie.

In a recent market study, 25% of the people involved in the research refused to purchase from an E-commerce website as it lacked necessary security. The most widely process to render an E-commerce website is SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. The SSL backed by Public Key Encryption will make sure that all the information exchanged between the browser and the server remains private and integral.

Make sure that you display all the security features enabled on the website, especially on the shopping cart and the check-out pages. Securing the online store not only attracts customers it will also render your ecommerce website formidable and safe from cyber malpractices.

Poor Images

poor product search

More than the brand name or price, product images for ecommerce website captures the attention of the customer and prompts the person to consider buying it. You can have the best products on your site, but if it not presented with an arresting image, it will surely go unnoticed.

The vibrancy and allure of the images decide the fate of the products along with the outcome of the online store. According to recent studies, detailed product images result in 9.46% increase in sales. It is, therefore, crucial to scrutinize the quality of the product images regularly and to keep them updated.

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Unique product descriptions

It might seem a little far-fetched, but unique, vivid descriptions are indispensable and as crucial as arresting images on an online store. Some online stores commit the grave mistake of copying description from other websites or directly from the manufacturer’s website. Duplicating content could affect the authenticity of your e-commerce website as well as your SEO.

Adding comprehensive and intricate description will make the products on your website to stand apart. The excellent item description also further convinces the buyer to make the purchase and thereby boost the sales. The same product featured in multiple online stores will look desirable on your E-commerce site when enhanced with excellent description.

Lack of shipping and warranty information

Lack of shipping and warranty assurance will prompt the customer to abandon the purchase at the last minute. It is, therefore, crucial to inform the customer about the details of shipping and warranty.

It is also important to offer multiple shipping services. If someone requires the product immediately, they would be ready to pay extra for overnight delivery. If you don’t provide overnight delivery or ‘one day rush,’ the customer will go to anotheronline store which offers immediate delivery. For people who don’t want to pay extra for delivery and are fine waiting a few days for the product to arrive should be provided standard delivery. In a nutshell, your E-commerce site should give different durations of shipping and delivery services so that it can serve all kinds of requirements.

Bad search capability

bad search capability

Your E-commerce site should be designed to proffer the right product to the customer. When a customer is browsing for a product, he/she is more likely to buy when they are given the product, exactly like they imagined in the search results. In many instances, the website would have the exact product the customer is looking for, but due to bad positioning, the item would be lying low on the search results page. In such cases, the customer would browse a little and would not reach the product they desired, and the online store would miss the selling opportunity.

Add more diverse categories and product search filters in your search bar so that the customers can find their desired product without searching or scrolling too much.

Wrong listing pattern

There are many listing patterns available to display the products on the search results page. You could adopt infinite scrolling, where product and details are showingone after the other or pagination, where a sequence of numbers assigned to products. Which pattern is better suited for online stores? The answer depends on the type of your website and the kind of products you sell.

It is not the magnificence of the website or magnitude of product you sell that makes your online storetremendous and customer-friendly. It is the minor-detailing that could give your online store an edge over your competitors. Avail our best ecommerce product listing services guide you to the right decisions and best practices to render your online store exceptional.

Organized Tagging

Make sure that the products which you wish to display are well organized with their names, collection ranges and other search features so that the customer gets a great feeling and thus ends up in passing on his curiosity to other buyers who would make way to referrals, re-visits, and re-purchase.

Expectation meeting with reality

attract customers to online stores

To attract customers regularly and meet their expectations, boost up ad words and enhance your trading activities with proper terminology and design icons, focus on the text color and positioning of each field, besides displaying the main attributes under navigation menu that constitutes features like product range, color, specifications, price tags and other various search filters. Website speed is another factor that is taken care of, so that the customer can trade fast, smoothly and conveniently.

Selecting promotions suitable to your wallet

Spending valuable hours in merely brooding over the slashed market is like putting pressure on yourself and destroying your health. Towards having continuous viewers and buyers, you, as the owner of the business needs to consider thousands of marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media, Email, Back Links, Hash Tags, SMS, etc. and apply them for promoting business.

With the help of an expert team, you can save time, energy and money by choosing the right options for marketing that suits well for your products and budget. The most important factor for sales growth in e-commerce is, “serving clients with on-time updates” of the products, in line with quality and cost-effectiveness.

Outsource to an E-commerce expert team

Get the services of an expert crew for product data entry & bulk product import. By handing over the responsibilities to professionals, you can save your time and concentrate on your business. The experts can effectively assistant you in maintaining your store by adding products, updating existing products, marketing products and keeping your inventory perfectly.



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