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A Definitive Guide to Writing Perfect eCommerce Product Descriptions

5 simple tips for writing perfect ecommerce product descriptions
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Now that you have a great website, endless product listing and online and offline campaigns running to attract buyers to your website, you must be seeing the sales numbers off the charts.

But that isn’t the case, though?

How is it even possible? You have had it all covered.

Have you ever thought about it and never understood why all is falling apart? Even when you have everything seemingly in place?

In the grand scheme of online selling, it is important to understand that even though customers reach your website and the effective product descriptions page, you need to give them a compelling reason to buy your product.

Well, how do you do it?

Simple, you write killer product descriptions that can sweep the buyers off their feet.

Exactly; if only it was that simple.

Yes, we understand your dilemma and hence, we are bringing a definite guide to walk you through the process of creating excellent product descriptions that sell for you.

writing product descriptions

Know your audience and talk specifically to them:

One of the major issues that you need to tackle while writing product descriptions is that you are writing for your buyers and hence, whatever you write must resonate with them.

If you are going to write something that doesn’t reflect well with the audience that primarily comes to buy your products, you simply loose it there.

This is not a simple thing to do; you need to work with considering the audience and create descriptions specifically for that demography.

If you are trying to sell a hair drier, you know that the audience is female and you may not want to sound formal and not too technical. But if you are trying to sell a gaming computer, everything changes. You really need to go technical and nerdy. So, keep in mind the people you are writing for and intelligently craft a description that fits them aptly.

Customers buying the products for benefits and not features:

This is a really important element that you need to mind irrespective of the product you are writing the description for. Listing the features of the products is not a creative way of selling your product.

And trust us, it won’t sell.

What you really need to do, if you need to sell your products, is to explain how the products fit the customer and what benefits it will bring them.

Ascertain how the product will help the buyer solve a problem that she is facing. That way you can instantly strike a chord with the visitor and attract her into buying your product.

Another interesting point is that you need to explain the ‘why’ aspect of the product rather than the ‘what’ aspect of it.Only if you can put it across the customer why she needs the product can the ‘what’ aspects of the products make any sense to them.

And, it will make them buy it, for sure.

Gain the trust of your visitors by showing them proof:

Everyone loves to know and see what others have to say about a product and service. It is part of their psychology. Especially when it comes to buying, all tendto exhibit tremendous pack mentality.

So the point is you need to make your description all the more relevant and trustworthy by attaching reviews that the product got from the previous buyers. Place it adjacent to the description that you are writing and use numbers in it.

There is a tendency in people to go with the already popular products and read the experiences of the customers who have already used them.

Most importantly, when you have reviews of real people, the customers tend to trust them and make the buying decision quicker, which is what you would love, of course.


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Open the description with a powerful line that instantly attracts the customer:

One of the best ways to impress your buyer with your product description is to begin the entire affair with a powerful opening line that can influence the buyer right away.

This is similar to ‘lede’ in journalism which is used as an introductory part of a news story and to entice the reader to go through the entire article than skipping and moving to another.

Well, you don’t start with “this is the best bean bag you can get on the entire planet”. But you can say something similar coupled with the benefit it offers to the user. It needs to be value-adding to the customer.

Thus you can start the description with the most important and the unique selling proposition of your product.

Your opening line must make the customer convinced to buy the product reading it and the rest of your description would only do the job of cementing the already made decision.

Use a unique format with diverse styles:

We have heard customers say “I am pretty sure they did not read the entire description”.

Well, if you want to make your customer read all the benefits of your product, it is important that you make them feel like exploring it. If you clutter everything together and make it difficult for your visitors to read, no one would like to read it even if the description is an excellent piece of writing.

So, what can you do?

You make use of various styles to make the description look reader-friendly, use different bullet points—different levels, italics, punctuations, size tables, include installation & specification document, product video.

No user actually reads the description, they skim. So it is your responsibility to make your description as much easier as possible to skim through.

Make a couple of drafts:

When it comes to writing, especially something related to selling, there is always room to improve it. Hence, always create a couple of drafts before finalizing one.

It can without any question help you sell better on your site.

Find these tips useful?

Try putting them into practice and share your experience with us in the comment session below.

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