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Privacy policy

Please read the privacy policy of our website, which are given in details below

This legal notice as given here concerns to the website intellectoutsource.com that is completely administered and owned by the ITELLECT OUTSOURCE SERVICES LLP. The company at all instances, respect every user’s right to privacy and the protection of any and every personal data they may share with us. This privacy policy has been created with the intent of informing about various systems and practices that we adopt for protecting and safeguarding the information our users provide us during the use of our website.

It is our constant efforts to become an effective and excellent service provider at our business vertical and provide immense value to everyone associating with us including—but not limited to—the users to researchers to prospectsto analysts and to the media personnel.

While you are visiting the website, you can always feel, secure and confident that we strive hard to protect any and every personal—or other—information on the site. Before you provide us with any sort of information, please read all the details as given below that can give an overview of our data protection efforts.

How we gather data or information

Contact us form on the site: We gather your information through our site by making use of the ‘Contact us’ form when you provide the details voluntarily. Apart from this, there may be various types of forms that can be used from time to time depending upon the requirements of the site and users, such as query forms, request for detailsform or registration forms forconference or events.

By means of cookies: We also make use of Cookies which are small coded snippets placed on your computer to help us understand how you have visited our website, your navigation history and various types of interaction you had with the site. These details collected are looked at comprehensively from a larger database than at an individual level. It is also possible for you to turn off the cookies from operating, if you do not wish the cookies to function on your system.

Logs of Internet Access: We also make use of several internet logs to gather information on our users. When a user navigates through our website, our website uses the logs to gather the internet address of the user and stores the same.

About the usage of the information:

The first and foremost reason we collect user information is to improve the user-experience and the quality of the services that we provide. All the details we collect through a wide variety of means are analyzed carefully to understand the behavior of the users to tweak the site to create better service propositions. We also, at times as deemed right, use the information collected to send emails, correspondences and other details to make the customers aware of the services as we deem fit. If the users so wish, they can always opt-out from receiving such emails.

The information collected is used by us alone:

All the information and data collected are only used by us and shared with those employees who use these details to improve the user-experience. Also, the access to these details is provided only to those who need the information to work and is effectively maintained.

All the details collected are protected

Enough and required care has always been taken by us to ensure the security of data collected and transmitted through our website. The systems that we have in place ensure that no data is lost, misused or altered. The data collected is placed in a safe depository and the access is given to only those who are authorized to use the same.

As we understand the trust our users place in us while and after providing the data to us, we have in place some of the best and proven systems to ensure that the data stays secure and protected all the times. In order to ensure the safety of the data we have collected, we employ the very best and exceptional technical, physical and administrative procedures like;

  • Lawful collection and with the consent of the user and lawful utilization of the same.
  • Collection of the personal information of the user, only in the event of such necessity or an activity related to us.
  • Ensuring the safety of the data using technologically advanced systems to prevent any sort of destruction, loss, damage, unlawful processingor unauthorized processing of the same.

Though we have your information, you always have the right to access it. In case, any of the details has changed or is incorrect, you can contact us to update the same.

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