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laravel website development automotive industry in australia
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Laravel Website Development for automotive Industry in Australia - Case Study

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Our client has an Australian-based, established Car servicing Company. It is Canberra’s recognized provider of quality car maintenance, repairs, and logbook service, and they make sure their availability at any place and time suits customers and to complete their services or vehicle repairs quickly and thoroughly.


Previously, the client managed the business through various third-party applications for different functionalities such as accounting, service booking, etc. So, the requirement was to consolidate all the required features from those multiple applications into a single web platform to ease his business. Also, the client required an android application to replace manual processing job cards and checklists so that the mechanic can easily insert, update the information and save time for the complete process during the service period itself.

So, the following are the requirements from the client for managing the whole business.

  1. Service booking by customers and admin,
  2. Spare Parts and tool management
  3. Employee and customer management
  4. Specific accounting functionalities
  5. Mechanic management
  6. Reports and analysis
  7. A Checklist to collect information while servicing.
  8. Android application for collecting information and managing job cards from the mechanic.
  9. A Fully secured and user-friendly website and application for regular use


During the course of the project, we faced numerous challenges, including -

  1. We had to ensure user-friendly designs for service booking and other functionalities. Clients should be able to manage all sections with ease in a short while without any haziness.
  2. The client needed in-depth customization of pdf (Invoice and Checklist) to show extensive information with ease and cleanliness.
  3. Customer mails should be received quickly, and their placing need not be in the spam folder.
  4. Information in the checklist may change dynamically from the client-side.


To complete the project within the demanded period, while ensuring all client specifications were adhered to, we took the following steps -

  1. We decided to use the Laravel framework (popular and powerful PHP framework) as the preferred solution for the client's requirement and customized it accordingly.
  2. We hosted the application in the Digital ocean server for easy expandability and flexibility.
  3. For faster delivery and authenticity of emails, we use SendGrid API for email services.
  4. Used React js framework for faster and user-friendly interface in web application.
  5. Dom-pdf used in PDF generation for wide customization and styling.
  6. We chose the best designs and interface on consulting with designers during each development phase, both on the web and android.
  7. Used Xml based rendering in the checklist to avoid code editing while updating it.


The client was extremely pleased Laravel website development with mobile application. Our successful execution of this project ensured that the client received a massive business hike, along with other benefits such as -

  1. The client noticed a massive rise in sales after the website was launched.
  2. Client is able to manage all sections of the business with ease through our application.
  3. The client was delighted with our after-launch support

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