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Ecommerce marketplace management services

Intellect Outsource Ecommerce Marketplace management service offers bulk product data listing and selling products in all marketplaces. Our marketplace executives are highly experienced and professional in managing different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Houzz, Walmart, Etsy, Overstock, Wayfair, Lowes, Home Depot, The Bay, etc. We are a complete ecommerce service business solution for all online businesses and ecommerce stores.

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ecommerce marketplace management

Key Benefits

  • Easily create listings and manage catalog management.
  • Excellent at working on multiple ecommerce platform
  • A+ Content Creation
  • Competitor Price Analysis
  • Piggyback Listing
  • Product Attribute & Filter Management
  • Products uploading using 3rd Party APPs
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Experts in every online ecommerce platform
amazon Amazon
ebay ebay
houzz Houzz
walmart Walmart
home depot Home Depot
etsy Etsy
overstock Overstock
Wayfair Wayfair
lowes Lowes

Our eCommerce Marketplace Management Service Includes

Ecommerce marketplace management is the service professionals provide every marketplace service for ecommerce businesses. To ensure effective and safe ecommerce marketplace processes, the key lies in automating tasks wherever possible, is freeing up yourself to focus on higher online business decisions. One particular facet that can significantly benefit from automation is the product listing process. Our ecommerce marketplace management team helps you drastically boost sales through easy and quicker account management. Multiple marketplaces are not a daunting task today. We help your multiple businesses job easier to reach the maximum height and increase sales and increased ecommerce brands to be Number 1 among your competitors.

Product Listing

We help to create bulk item listings on multiple marketplaces and online stores. This includes managing product data information, writing compelling product descriptions, selecting the right keywords, and ensuring products are correctly categorized. Optimize your product listings by approaching them as if they were on your own ecommerce site once you have one platform to showcase your products.

Order Management

Our Ecommerce marketplace management team good to manage order management. The responsibilities of ecommerce marketplaces service providers extend to order processing, the selection of products, packaging, shipping to customers, and the management of returns and exchanges. Our team guarantee the effectiveness and uniformity of order handling across ecommerce marketplaces at every stage of the order's journey.

Customer Management

Intellect Outsource offers comprehensive customer service support that encompasses the handling of customer queries, resolution of issues, and guidance for prospective and existing customers both pre- and post-purchase. Our customer service management actively engages to enhance the relationship between businesses and its customers.

Inventory Management

As an e-commerce outsourcing provider, we assist ecommerce sales and businesses in efficiently handling their inventory management across multiple platforms. Our services include inventory tracking, real-time updates on product availability, and effective back-order management.

Pricing Strategy

We take pride in our cost-effective pricing strategies, enabling businesses to establish competitive pricing structures that optimize profitability while staying competitive within the market.

Content Creation

Our expert team specializes in A+ content creation services, skillfully crafting product descriptions, incorporating captivating images, informative diagrams, and more. This elevates your product listings within marketplaces.

Competitor Analysis

For many years, Intellect Outsource has held a prominent position as a top marketplace management service provider of competitor analysis services in India. We specialize in delivering competitor analysis solutions that empower businesses to gain insights into their competitive environment, allowing for strategic adjustments and enhancements.

Lead Time Management

Though Lead time management is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction, efficient operations, and inventory control. Our marketplace management team monitors inventory levels and ensures a sufficient buffer to seller account for lead times. Our team optimizes inventory to balance costs and customer demand.

Image Editing Services

Our team is the best choice if you are looking to enhance your ecommerce marketplace listing and attract customers. Our design experts ensure that product images are professionally edited and optimized, making them more appealing and improving the overall shopping experience in the ecommerce store. Our team is skilled in background removal, image retouching, image cropping and resizing, shadow and reflection effects, image masking, adding labels and marks, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We support and manage multiple marketplaces usually used by most online retailers and online sellers, like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wayfair, Overstock, Lowes, Esty, and many more. Also, we are confident in managing any online marketplace we have not worked on yet.

Yes, we are confident we can help you expand to the new online marketplace.

Amazon offers various choices for online sellers seeking to promote their goods on the Amazon platform. These encompass Amazon Advertising Services, Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), and the Selling on Amazon Marketplace program. Its commitment to customer satisfaction is noteworthy, as it strives to enhance the shopping experience.

Yes, we have specialists who have vast experience in error-fixing of your listing in marketplaces. Nowadays, the marketplaces are sensitive, and they suppress listing due to price parity, which means cheaper pricing for the product than the other sellers or store prices and violating the marketplace policies.

We are proficient in optimizing product catalog and listings for better visibility and sales. Our team does keyword research and includes the ones that are relevant to the product title, bullet points, and description of your product. Also, we process high-quality images in a suitable format, dimension, and resolution, allowing us to access all types of devices.

Our pricing structure is very economical when compared with other ecommerce service providers. Our pricing begins at $4.00 per hour. For more details, please send your project proposal to get a quick quote. Our executives will contact you soon.

Selling on multiple channels increase online sales, build your brand for your brick-and-mortar stores. We handle inventory management and order fulfillment as per client’s requirements to sell products. Because each online store and client’s needs are unique. Generally, we are experienced in managing all ERP systems for order tracking, processing orders, back-order, drop shipping, returns, and more.

Yes, we can help with pricing strategies and monitoring competitor pricing and promotions.

We provide paid advertising campaigns, promotions, graphic design, Banner creation, and marketing strategies on marketplaces.

Yes, we offer customer service support, such as responding to customer inquiries, order returns, and solving issues.

Yes, we can ensure to obey marketplace management rules, policies, and data protection regulations.

You do not need to worry; we will take care of all to maintain a positive online reputation and manage online reviews.

You can completely trust us in case to strictly maintain data security and privacy. All our resources are officially NDAs signed with our company, which says not to disclose any of the customer, client’s information or any other confidential info to third parties without permission.  

Yes, you can look into clients’ success stories through our portfolio and the feedback they have provided on our company website to add to our business websites.

The process involves an initial assessment of your business and goals, marketplace selection, competitive analysis, and strategic planning. It includes optimizing item listings, devising pricing strategies, efficient inventory management, marketing and advertising campaigns, good customer service, and constant performance monitoring. Ongoing support is essential, ensuring compliance with marketplace policies, expanding to new platforms, and adapting to market changes.

Yes, communication is the backbone of an actual ecommerce solution provider. The assigned project manager and team leader are considered the point of contact. The assigned staff and team leader sent daily reports and updates and worked spreadsheets with mail for verification.

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We offer our esteemed customers with a free trial to know about our tech caliber. Interested customers can opt for consultations, trials and samples, which are free. You are only supposed to make a payment if you are content with our projects and services.

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