How to Choose The Best eCommerce Platform for Your Business.

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Are you aware of what is the eCommerce platform?

An eCommerce platform is web software that allows a business to sell products online. To create a good eCommerce business, either you should have a great IT set-up in your business or get the support of well-experienced and professional developers. To create such an IT set-up for any business or getting assistance from a professional web developers team to create an eCommerce platform is challenging, expensive, and time-consuming.

That is, web-software includes online store front-end, backend, among with its related features like the product, inventory, order, and customer management, etc. that are beneficial for selling products online. Such developed software is called the eCommerce platform. We can generally say that the eCommerce platform is the backbone of an online store.

There are four types of eCommerce platforms available in the market to build an online store for your business.

  1. Build Your Own
  2. License fee platforms
  3. Opensource platforms
  4. Sass Platforms

Lets us check what the significant difference between these eCommerce platforms is.

Build Your Own Platforms

build your own platforms

Creating an e-commerce platform using web development company, designer, or developer according to your business requirement from the starting to end of the projects. Here the company decides, if it needs to create an excellent eCommerce platform and its features should be completely different than other common eCommerce platforms, then they prefer this Build Your Own platforms. It is highly expensive and time-consuming.

License Fee eCommerce platforms

license fee ecommerce platforms

A company builds an e-commerce platform that we buy, by giving the required amount. If you need to make any updates in the eCommerce platform in the future, either you can contact the License company to make the updates or you can make the updates as per your project requirement if you have a developer who is capable of managing the platforms. : Shopysuite, X-cart, CS Cart etc.

Opensource Platform

opensource platforms

You don't need to pay any penny for the opensource platform. This kind of platform is completely free. You can download it and start your store. A developer with perfect knowledge about this platform can install this, due to which this is expensive. Examples: Magento, Prestashop, Opencart etc.

Saas Platform

saas platforms

Anyone can open your online store by just spending a reasonable amount, which also includes server space, maintenance, and upgrades. For example Bigcommerce, Shopify, etc.

One should have extensive knowledge of each platform, then only they can choose a suitable platform for their business. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. It isn't easy to know the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. But now in this tech world, SEO tools and Youtube assist in giving some knowledge about the good and bad of a platform.

Just assume if your business products are Bathroom Fitting, Home Decor, or home lighting products, you should be aware of the difficulties and knowledge you have about product data management, order management, shipping according to your platform. For example, if you select a SAAS platform.

Is it easy to add products?

How many options can add per product?

How many products can import per file?

Are you going to assign an outsourcing company for your product data entry projects or do yourself?

So you have lots of questions in each section of your online store. Therefore we always suggest that, please try to find out answers to your questions before you start your online store. Ie Nature of your business, you need to investigate a suitable eCommerce platform for your business more deeply.

If you ask all these questions as mentioned earlier to the company providing SAS, they do not issue all this information to you. Because each company always shares info that is positive and advantageous. They never share the disadvantages of their platform. We always suggest communicating with eCommerce consultants, your friends' experiences, or ecommerce services outsourcing company experiences will be beneficial to move more confidently in your business.

If your business is vast and has endless products, an open-source platform is better than other platforms. But this is more expensive than other platforms. Because the company should maintain dedicated developers or agency who knows everything about the platform, then only you can use this platform to create your online store.

Using the Open-source platform, a company can list endless products, endless options, and handle bulk import to add products faster. According to customer requirements, the company can customize online store customers' expectations to make online stores more successful. Here also there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore before you choose the opensource platform, try to know the feature of each opensource platform

know the feature of each opensource platform before selecting them.

  1. What is your initial budget?
  2. Never take any decision quickly, first research and then decide
  3. Make sure your team can easily use the platform
  4. Check you get 24 x 7 support
  5. Feature capable for daily or weekly back-up
  6. Require shared, dedicated or cloud hosting for better performance
  7. Is Email Configuration and Newsletter already set-up?
  8. Check SEO friendliness
  9. Know about platform offering product catalog management
  10. Can you add and update new products manually or using CSV?
  11. What are the security features implemented in the eCommerce platform?
  12. Can product management perform with ease?
  13. Look at Order, and Return management is suitable for your business?
  14. Is appropriate Multichannel Integration accessible?
  15. Well suited Theme availability
  16. Look over competent Payment Options
  17. Site Speed is worthy
  18. The platform delivers a fully developed extension
  19. Cost of future updates and upgrades?
  20. Proficient extra features offering by the platform?

Choose a suitable platform

So what more to think now? There are multiple e-commerce platforms available in the market at a reasonable cost. Never hesitate to choose a platform, try to know all its good and bad then make it useful for your business. Believe all the information provided here is helpful to you to think and decide the best eCommerce platform for your business.

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