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Ecommerce Product Data Migration Services

Intellect Outsource provide efficient and fast eCommerce product data migration services. Our professionals skilled in latest technology and tools to migrate your product data from one platform to another without any hassle. Our experts have years of experience in migrating data for some of the biggest brands in the world.

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You may have fear that they might end up losing all the hard work they have invested in populating their storefront when they move on to another shopping cart. You do need to worry at all. The process of shifting data from one system or format to another is called migration. There are many things you need keep in mind when migrating your ecommerce product from one platform to another, and we will discuss some important factors here!

Migration and scaling are two of the most common challenges in eCommerce. If you're looking for a partner who can help make these processes easy, then contact Intellect Outsource India today! We offer complete product data migration services from planning all the way through validation so that your business has access to accurate information on every level, no matter where it comes into being or what system was used originally as long ago as possible.

We're here to make your move as smooth and easy for you. We'll answer all of those questions about how long it will take, what data is being moved where? Give us a call today so we can get started!

ecommerce product data migration services

To which all ecommerce platforms products are migrated?

  • Migrate Big cartel to Shopify
  • Migrate Ecwid to Shopify
  • Migrate Magento to Shopify
  • Migrate Magento to bigcommerce
  • Migrate Opencart to Shopify
  • Migrate Prestashop to Woocommerce
  • Migrate Shopify to Opencart
  • Migrate Shopify to Wix
  • Migrate Squarespace to Woocommerce
  • Migrate Volusion to Magento
  • Migrate Woocommerce to Bigcommerce
  • Migrate Woocommerce to Prestashop
  • Migrate Bigcommerce to Shopify
  • Migrate Ecwid to Woocommerce
  • Migrate Magento to Woocommerce
  • Migrate Magento to Prestashop
  • Migrate Opencart to Woocommerce
  • Migrate Shopify to Bigcommerce
  • Migrate Shopify to Prestashop
  • Migrate Shopify to Woocommerce
  • Migrate Volusion to bigcommerce
  • Migrate Weebly to Shopify
  • Migrate Woocommerce to Magento
  • Migrate Woocommerce to Shopify
  • Migrate bigcommerce to Woocommerce
  • Migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Migrate Magento to Shopify
  • Migrate Opencart to Magento
  • Migrate Prestashop to Shopify
  • Migrate Shopify to Magento
  • Migrate Shopify to Squarespace
  • Migrate Shopify to Wordpress
  • Migrate Volusion to Shopify
  • Migrate Wix to Shopify
  • Migrate Wix to Woocommerce
  • Migrate Woocommerce to Opencart

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It has been a great breath of fresh air to work with Intellect Outsource for our product data needs. Previous ecommerce companies have overcharged, underworked and couldn't self manager or provide insights onto how to handle larger projects in good efficient, timely manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Migrating the product data to another platform without any changes or issues is the biggest challenge during data migration.

Every tool is built by various program. It does not have power to think. It just run according to the program. Once migrate product from one ecommerce platform to another, it needs to analysed and arrange attributes, data types, option and its variants and list as it was in old platform. At the same time if the data is compatible with new ecommerce platform and its features

No. If the data migration process is done in the correct way without loosing any of the product data and its structure, it will never affect your online business sales

  1. Improved functionality
  2. Better scalability
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Better SEO
  1. Time-consuming
  2. Risk of data loss
  3. Technical issues
  4. Need to learn new ecommerce platform

It depends upon the volume of product data migrate from to another. In general, a small ecommerce website with a few products and simple data structures may take a few days to complete the migration process, while a larger ecommerce website with a large product catalog, complex data structures, and customizations may take several weeks or even months to complete the migration.

Ecommerce Product Data Migration is the process of transferring your online store product data information such as Name, Variants & Options, Images, Features, Description, etc. from One ecommerce website to new.

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