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Case Study - Data Entry for Dock Seller Online Store in USA

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Data Entry Requirements for Dock Online Store

Our client is a online seller in USA and dealer of Dock products. The online store provides the best options of Dock products according to customer requirements. The company provide huge collection of Ladders, Bombers, Lighting, Safety products and many more.

Our client is looking for an on-going ecommerce product data entry team for their online store catalog management projects. He required to collecting all product information and images from giving data sources and manufacturer websites.

Client Project Instructions as follows

I'm building out a new dock products online store in USA. I've got most of the framework done, categories created with images etc. This is WordPress and WooCommerce. I need data entry staff to go to the manufacturer's website and start grabbing the images and pdf files for each product. You can use test site as a guide to which categories (and subsequent products under those subcategories) we'll be using. I need you to gather the images, .pdf files. Then those file names (which match SKU's) need to be added to the master import spreadsheet. Then I need to take the pricing and shipping information from a couple spreadsheets and copy them over to the master import spreadsheet as well. We'll also need to assign products to the categories/subcategories in the master spreadsheet too. We're looking at around two thousand products to sell in my online store at begining. Could be more.

We'll also need to create attributes for most products giving basic dimensions, material used (steel, aluminum, stainless etc), color selection if offered in different colors etc - these will be used for filtering in the sidebar. It's mostly the dock ladders section and those products that will have a lot more attributes (Number of Steps, Top Step Height, Distance Between Steps, Overall Width, Inside Width, Length etc - I can send a list of attribute we'll need to use for those products. Not all products will have a bunch of attributes.

I can provide the data sheets sent me with all product details, pricing spreadsheet so you can look over it. What they sent me has every product they sell. I won't be selling everything so we'll need to identify that in the spreadsheet as well and remove products we're not selling.

I'm shooting to launch this online store soon so we have a month and a half until launch. Please share your thoughts.

Key Requirements

  1. Identification of product categories and subcategories and their allocation to applicable products on the master sheet
  2. Collection of product images and PDFs
  3. Identification of files and their allocation to applicable products on the master sheet
  4. Pricing & shipping info updates to master sheet
  5. Identification of New, Discontinued, No Longer products by referring to the price list.
  6. Grouping of simple and variable products in reference to the provided product master file
  7. Product data formatting as per WooCommerce Template
  8. Creation of HTML code
  9. Bulk Import files into the media library and import products into the store.


During the course of the project, we had faced numerous challenges, including:

  1. Main category and subcategory identification from a broad collection of products in the vendor site, and right product category allocation to the client store.
  2. Collection and identification of files from a massive cluster of files downloaded.
  3. Our client insisted on the usage of a plugin for the documents. However, the custom tab plugin usage for this purpose was challenging and time-consuming.

To complete the data entry project within the stipulated time, while ensuring all specifications were adhered to, we took the following steps:

  1. We have settled the broad category identification and allocation matter by assigning the task to the pool of proficient staff.
  2. We have decided to use specific tools for quick and largescale file identification, and management.
  3. We have decided to embrace the challenge of managing the documents with a plugin. For that, we decided to create HTML codes to upload the files solely by plugin manually with specific tools.
  4. In addition, we also decided to manage the specifications tab along with the files tab with the custom tab plugin.
  5. We extracted the data and populated the excel spreadsheet within required time.

Intellect Outsource helped the online retailer for completing product management successfully.


The client was contented with the project output. Our successful execution of this project ensured that the client received a bulky traffic rush, along with other benefits such as:

  1. Noticed a remarkable rise in sales along with traffic after the website was launched.
  2. Able to manage all sections of the business with ease through our backing.
  3. The client was so delighted with our after-launch support, and subsequently, he hired new data entry staff for his Dock selling products online store catalog management projects.

Intellect Outsource has been providing our services since last 12 years in USA ecommerce business. Our data entry staffs highly talented in Woocommerce product data entry and bulk ecommerce product upload services. For more project enquiry contact us. We ready to discuss with you soon

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