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magento product data entry

Intellect Outsource is a complete service provider for Magento 2 & 1 Version stores. We provide “Comprehensive Shopping cart management” which includes bulk product adding, Magento bulk product upload, bulk image upload, theme designing, development, extension development, 1 & 2 stores complete support services, optimization, etc. We can help you with perfect solutions at cost-effective rates. We use the expertise and trained staffs to process your online store requirements.

Version 2 & 1 Stores Service provisions

  • Magento Data Entry
  • Product Upload Services
  • Category Management
  • Templates Creation
  • Attribute Set & Attribute Management
  • Upload multiple images
  • Create custom options as much as required and upload
  • Unique Item Description Writing
  • Updating Product Prices and Inventory Management
  • Back Office Support

Have a look at our responsibilities in details

Magento product data entry services

We are capable of assuring to execute best services with the experienced team. Even if you need to add thousands or Lakhs of products in different types such as simple, configurable, virtual, grouped, bundle or gift card, we can remarkably manage swift, accurate, professional and faultless processes.

  1. Once you start a business with us, you may feel our team and service as your staff in your office.
  2. We are expertise to handle Magento 2 & 1 exporting and importing features. We maintain proper file backup before we start your projects. We measure the number of discontinued and new items required to add to your online store according to your vendor file.
  3. We are always available here to discuss your projects. We share and support you with the help of our innovative ideas and advanced techniques.
  4. We scrape product information from any of your data sources like PDF Catalogs, Hard Copy Files, VendorOnline websites. We use our build software and tools to scrape the data accurately.
  5. Manage Meta Keywords and Meta Description easily
  6. Arrange import CSV template and process bulk upload to the store.
  7. Upload images to media import folder and set base, thumb, additional photos attractively to make your customer purchase satisfactory.

Attribute management

Attribute setting is one of the primary building blocks of any product catalog. Our product data entry experts analyze your store attributes and attribute sets. We set and create selected the attributes according to all the relevant aspects like color, shape, size, material, etc.

Category management

To assure that even an average person using an eCommerce website for the first time quickly finds the products he is looking. We analyze and classify the products to place them in appropriate categories and sub-categories. Our team very well understand your store category management. Based on which categorization and subcategorization have to be done in your store.

Magento template creation

We experienced in creating all types of Magento templates. We process simple, configurable, bundle, grouped arrangement professionally. If you have thousands or lakhs of items, our data import experts create the csv file template using advanced techniques and excel tools which is helpful to list products in store within a short period. Thus it makes comfortable for the customers to access every section of your store without any hassles.

Enhancement of Product Photos

Product Images play a crucial role in an e-commerce store. Our product image processing experts are creative people who master different photo enhancing tools. All needed steps like cropping, removing backgrounds, reducing image size by optimizing it to apt pixel rates, increasing the clarity and altering colors, brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. is done to import the image into all online store platform.

Unique product description writing

magento bulk product upload

Highly experienced description and features writing team with us. These professionals can figure out the characteristics and uniqueness of your items. They will create perfect product descriptions in an alluring manner that will motivate customers to place orders.

Bulk product prices update services

Outdated information on your store is something that you should never allow to happen. We conduct regular meetings and sessions to make our Magento data entry staff familiar with all the latest changes occurring in the products and brands. We don’t just update the prices, but also calculate sales price according to your profit scale and show the discount, special offers, etc. attractively to grab the attention of customers.

Upselling and cross-selling

Our Magento data entry team help you with prudent techniques like upselling and cross-selling. It increases the revenue through your online store business. We place products in apt places that make people buy more as well as higher priced products. Getting your business by all possible means is what we strive.

Overall Magento back office support

magento data entry

We provide complete back office support. We serve as your real store data administrators. Our services encompass data entry, bulk importing/exporting, image editing, items description writing, order processing, inventory management, designing, development and everything related to Magento services.

Quality and timeliness is guaranteed

For us, the priority is quality. We also have a senior team of experts who monitor every aspect of our project for quality. We have clear quality policies based on which we work. We guarantee project delivery within the deadline as agreed upon and never violate your guidelines.

Contact us

Intellect Outsource is resourceful enough to be flexible about team strength based on project requirements.

Kindly send us few product sku. We offer a free sample work with no obligation. By analyzing the quality of our work, you can confidently outsource the requirements to us. Please feel free to contact us anytime via Email, Phone and Skype, assures you complete support.


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Liz McCartinUnited States / AZ

I have been working daily with Intellect Outsource for a few years and could not be more happy with the service that they have provided. They have been responsible for data entry on our webstore and have done a terrific job. We continue adding additional tasks and assignments to them knowing they will do a great job. Their task management system keeps me updated daily and their company has a very feasible structure. I am very happy we found this company and started working with them

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